Innovative Med Concepts
Announces Receipt of FDA
Fast Track Designation for
IMC-1, a Novel Treatment
for Fibromyalgia

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IMC is leveraging cutting-edge scientific discoveries to target the underlying pathophysiology of fibromyalgia and related disorders.

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Fibromyalgia often presents with a pattern of comorbidities and overlapping symptomatology.

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IMC is helping to improve patient outcomes by finally addressing an underlying cause of fibromyalgia and its related syndromes.

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Breakthrough Discoveries in Fibromyalgia

Innovative Med Concepts (IMC) is a biotech company with a pipeline of novel treatments for fibromyalgia and other related conditions that appear to share a common underlying pathophysiology—irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), chronic neck and back pain, and cognitive impairment. IMC's potentially game-changing, innovative treatments have emerged from breakthrough scientific discoveries in herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) reaction—the factor leading to many of the symptoms associated with fibromyalgia and its related conditions.

Promising New Throat Spray

NRP-1 is a proprietary throat spray designed to treat viral pharyngitis, a large unmet medical need and cause of most cases of pharyngitis. NRP-1 will also provide much needed relief for cancer patients undergoing head and neck radiation plagued with disabling oral mucositis/pharyngitis. This first-of-its-kind spray delivers the medication which then adheres to the posterior pharynx despite repeated swallows and saliva.